Sunday, November 2, 2014

Power-up Fusion

In order for your monsters to become stronger and use the full potential of their color power you must give them experience. They don’t earn experience during battles. They earn experience via Fusion (see screenshot below). While Fusion is key to building up monsters power, it can also be quite complex for a new player. So we’ve prepared this Fusion guide to help you understand the variables at play, and to start you down the path of maximizing your monster’s levels.

To fuse go to your monster screen and select the monster you want to power-up. You now see the details of the monster. This is your base monster during fusion: 

Intro to Fusion

From here you click or tap on the “Fuse” Button at the bottom of the page. This will take you back to the “Monsters” screen. From here, you can select up to five monster(s) you wish to fuse your base monster with. In the screen below there are already five monsters selected. They will be shown at the top of the screen:

Once you’ve selected the monsters, you can then tap “OK” right to the monsters selected to perform  the Fusion and have your monster’s experience increased. The monsters selected for fusion will be consumed in the fusion process, and added to the base monster as experience. The result you can see below:

The 'Naga's green and light attributes have increased from 3 to 13 and from 2 to 11. Also take a look at the hitpoints, they have also massively increased.

There are some things to note:
  • One is the attribute color. If the base monster and the monster to be fused share the same attribute colors (e.g. red, green, blue, light,dark), you’ll get a 50% boost to the experience gain in Power-Up Fusion.
  • If an attribute color is not available in the base monster the experience will be added to the strongest color of your base monster.
  • The highter the level of your base monster, the more gold is neede for fusion.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What is Playa

Playa is a location based puzzle game, playable in all modern browsers. Playa combines the key elements of a puzzle game and a role playing adventure on a real world map. Players build and command a team of monsters as they explore the world, play puzzle games at locations and battle mighty foes. Slide glowing orbs across the board activate your monsters to attack.

  • Puzzle Game: Use the power of the five colors. When matching three same colored glowing orbs (red, green, blue, light, dark) in a row or column, the matching monster in the team will attack the enemies. Match five for an area attack and multiple combos for massive damage. But be aware – your enemies will also activated by colors. Plan your moves carefully! 

  • Collect and level-up Monsters: Find and defeat mighty monsters and collect them. Build a winning team by leveling up your monsters through fusion and evolution. 

  • Play at real locations: Explore the map and discover locations. This augmented or virtual gameplay allow for playing at real locations or just walking around and discover new places. Build your palace at your home place and let friends play against your team. The whole world awaits you!

The whole world awaits you!